So, we met to find ways to assert and experience that ‘school and home are fun!’ and we definitely had a great and enriching workshop! Thanks to those who join me!!!

The pics illustrate the expectation before the attendants came…mmm…the results of one of the activities we experience, some feedback and  a heartfelt thanks to all of you!!!

Classes starting, students, teachers and parents already wondering how they’ll manage what is to come…Here’s the news! See the flyer, please and get ready to ’empower’ yourself and enjoy the results!!! :)

Classes grow curious to guess what is coming...parents and teachers wonder how they will handle all...

Join us and learn how to: enhance students’ performance in class, unleash students’ potential, improve performance and much more! Most important, learn how to enjoy the process…yesssss!!!

Optimal Brain Organization – Ventura, CA

Life gave me the gift of taking this amazing training with Paul Dennison – the creator of Brain Gym!!! Dreams do come true!

Thanks ‘maestro’ for sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience, thanks for your generosity and patience!

Life gets better and better and better.

Ventura CA Paul Dennison OBO March2017                                 Looking forward to learning more and more from you!!!

Osher Presentation March 30th/2017

The day arrived and the attendants filled the room…curiosity, eagerness to participate, great atmosphere made time passed so fast that we almost run short of time…

Thanks a million to those who join us! We all had a warm and enriching afternoon.

My heart still beats with happiness.

OSHER LatAmChicana & MagREal March2017