Optimal Brain Organization – Ventura, CA

Life gave me the gift of taking this amazing training with Paul Dennison – the creator of Brain Gym!!! Dreams do come true!

Thanks ‘maestro’ for sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience, thanks for your generosity and patience!

Life gets better and better and better.

Ventura CA Paul Dennison OBO March2017                                 Looking forward to learning more and more from you!!!

Osher Presentation March 30th/2017

The day arrived and the attendants filled the room…curiosity, eagerness to participate, great atmosphere made time passed so fast that we almost run short of time…

Thanks a million to those who join us! We all had a warm and enriching afternoon.

My heart still beats with happiness.

OSHER LatAmChicana & MagREal March2017



New webpage! Yessss!!! Please, visit it and let me accompany you in the process of living the life you have always dreamed of!  

Nueva pagina web! Siii!!! Visitala por favor y dejame acompaniarte en el proceso de vivir la vida que siempre has soñado!

Some photos of the presentation at the last TESOL Conference in Santa Fe, NM

Many thanks to all the participants! amazing audience! 🙂

Also thanks to the SFCC ESL Adult Education Department and to the TESOL Board for the opportunity to present! It was a real pleasure sharing the day with you all !!!